Step-By-Step Guide To Register An Affiliate Account And Get Started With Neflink

We are a CPA Network specializing in CPL, CPS, and CPI models

NEFLINK always wants to increase the number of Affiliates daily to jointly build a sustainable and mutually beneficial partnership. So we always welcome new members at any time.

Here are the instructions for you to quickly successfully register an Affiliate account and start increasing your income with NEFLINK.

Firstly, to start with our Network, you must be an Affiliate specializing in one of these models.

Secondly, in order not to affect your time, we would like to inform you that we will refuse your application if you fall into one of the following cases:

– The information you submit is fake and untrue.

– You do not fully respond to our requested information.

– You are not serious about your application or Affiliate marketing.

– You have no income from previous affiliate marketing and no other website or channel with stable traffic (If you have either of the above factors, we will consider your application).


We know there will be many Affiliates who would like to apply to participate in NEFLINK but do not currently generate income from affiliate marketing and do not have a website.


So how can you sign up?

The advice is to create a blog related to your niche, and the traffic will gradually increase. That is not difficult if you want to become a successful Affiliate. Building a website first is more straightforward than generating income. It will take you a few months, but once you have a certain amount of traffic, you will easily make money from it.

If you are not one of the above, your application will be approved quickly.


Here are the steps to get you started with the NEFLINK network:


Note: Before registering an account at NEFLINK, you must have an Email and Skype account to receive notifications from us.

First, you must fill in your personal information such as name, Email, Skype, address, website, etc. You follow a few questions about your knowledge and experience in affiliate marketing, such as your previous income, traffic volume, how you promote your products, etc.

Your affiliate can see the best and most suitable offers for you. One suggestion to help you is that you should answer our request information accurately and in detail, which will help your chances of being accepted higher. It is also necessary information for the Application manager.

After receiving your application, we will review it within 24 business hours and notify you via Email whether your application will be approved or not.

Note: If you have submitted your application within 24 working hours and have not received a review notice, you can email us to expedite your review process.


After successful registration, our Affiliate manager will contact you. They will be your Affiliate manager to assist you with all issues such as understanding network tech, answering any of your queries, choosing Offers, advising on campaign promotion strategy, etc.

Your Affiliate Manager will be helpful to you to help you become a successful Affiliate.


The Affiliate Manager will suggest the best and most relevant offers to you, or you can submit a request with which Offers you want to promote, and then we will review your request.

Each Offer will have basic information such as:

– The percentage of commission you get for each conversion.

– Detailed information about the Offer

– Campaign terms

– Tracking link

– Preview the landing page

– Banners, images.

– Other information (if any).


– You should be based on the commission rate of each Offer to have an appropriate promotion strategy.

– You must strictly follow the campaign terms of each Offer because it is a prerequisite for you to receive a commission or not. You won’t receive a commission for that conversion if your campaign doesn’t match one of the campaign terms.

– Each Offer will have a link to the Tracking link. You use this link to insert into your website or landing page for you to promote the campaign.


Once you have the Tracking link, you can promote it in whichever channels are right for you and the Offer’s campaign terms.


You can create your landing page to increase the conversion rate. See 12 ways to create high converting landing page.


Or check out the best promotion channels for Affiliates 2022 to increase your chances of conversion.

Finally, when a Customer clicks on the link you promote to the Advertiser’s page and completes the conversion, you will receive a commission.


Above are the steps to sign up and get started with our Network. If you have not registered yet, register now to participate in making money with NEFLINK.

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