While running the campaign, if you only use the Advertiser’s sales page, your results are not as desired as you want because it is not convincing enough for your customers. Therefore, creating another more optimal Landing Page before customers move to the Advertiser’s purchase page is a strategy that successful Affiliates often choose.

So how to create an optimal landing page? The following article will help you do that.

First, you must clearly understand what a landing page is:

What Is A Landing Page?

Landing Page is a single website page created to persuade customers to take action, such as clicking a link or a CTA (call to action) button to purchase, fill out the information, sign up for an event, install apps, and more. Each Landing Page only targets and performs a specific conversion.

Besides engaging and attractive content, the Landing Page also often includes information about gifts, promotions, vouchers, or spectacular events to stimulate users to convert.

If your landing page isn’t capable of getting customers to take action and generate good conversions, you won’t be able to recoup the costs you pay for advertising.

Therefore, optimizing the Landing Page is something that any Affiliate needs to do if they want their advertising campaign to be as effective as expected.

So how do you optimize the Landing Page most effectively? Let’s find out the ways below:

1. Understand Your Market And Customers

You must be able to answer this question for your customers: Why should I buy your product and not someone else’s?

Most people who create Landing Pages usually focus mainly on the page’s aesthetics. Of course, aesthetics are important, but understanding your market and customers is another essential part. Because if you don’t understand your customers’ actual wants and needs and how competitive the market is, your ad is very easily misdirected. No matter how beautiful it is, you will still get results (failure results).

You should put yourself in the customer’s shoes to see if your landing page is persuasive. The more readers find themselves in it, the more likely they will take action on your page. You can adjust the structure and language of your page to appeal to their emotions.

So, before you start to design a beautiful landing page, you must first spend time researching your market and customers thoroughly enough. Then plan and clear goals for a perfect landing page.

2. Simplify The Landing Page

Simplify your landing page. With a sophisticated and complex landing page, too much content and images confuse customers, making the bounce rate very high. If you want your Landing Page visitors to focus on the CTA button, keep the other elements simple and highlight the content and words you want customers to see and be impressed with.

3. Uniformity

Identical with the Advertiser’s website:

You can be creative with your own style, but good advice is that your design should be similar to the Advertiser’s sales page in colors, images, fonts, etc. Because it makes customers feel more unified in information and advertising design and more confident.

Unify your page: 

Your title, content, and images must be logical with each other, avoiding the case where the title and content talk in two different directions or the picture has nothing to do with the content you say.

4. Priority

You have only the first seconds to get the customer’s attention

So you have to put the most critical elements first:

– Title

– Picture

– CTA button


5. Red Title

The title is an essential part of your landing page; there are many visitors to your website just reading the title and viewing the images. So your title must be optimal. 

Here are a few tips to help you get the best title:

– First, think and write down a lot of different headlines, then pick the few that you like best and put them on your page. You temporarily forget about it and move on to the content design for the title. The next day you review it again and choose a title you feel is best. Because there are headlines that you thought were good yesterday but are no longer relevant today, you can ask someone else to choose for you.

– The title design should be prominent, concise, and easy to see.

– If you want customers to read your content, your headline must say what the customer is looking for. An irrelevant title will cause your piece of content to be ignored.

– You should use more subheadings if the main title is not enough to say what you want to say.

– The title must show the confidence and certainty of the advertisement.

6. Content

Create engaging and exciting content: 

A boring, old, or imitated advertisement will not leave customers an impression at all. Instead, always explore and create content that is newer and more attractive.


Your content should be different and dig deeper into your customers’ problems, not just generalize what your competitors have said before.

Complete but concise: 

You should go straight to the point, not roundabout or rambling, and remove unnecessary words or unimportant information that customers do not need.

Solve customer problems: 

If you solve the customers’ problems, you will build their trust, and it will be easier for them to take action.

Focus on the customer’s interests: 

Customers want to know what’s in their interest if they click the CTA button or what they’ll miss out on if they don’t take action.

Don’t focus too much on advertising: 

If your piece of content talks too much about advertising, your customers will lose trust and feel uncomfortable.


You should use short paragraphs and space in between paragraphs. Otherwise, customers will not want to read it because it feels too long.


All content must be logical to each other and point in the same direction.

Highlight important points: 

You should bold the sentences you want to emphasize in the paragraphs.

7. Call To Action

A compelling CTA captures viewers and makes them take action to create conversions:

– CTA must be prominently designed, attractive, and placed in the most visible position.

– The CTA color should contrast with the website background color. The design looks like an actual button.

– The call to action should be short but persuasive.

– Do not use too many buttons to create a false and uncomfortable feeling.

– Should have more instructions and images towards the CTA button.

8. Photos And Videos

Images and videos are the first things customers notice when entering your landing page, so:

– Attractive images will help you attract customers’ attention.

– You should use images so that customers can understand what you are trying to say even though they have not read the content.

– Similar, related to the Advertiser’s website image.

– You should also use captions for images and videos.

Video drives customer action rates much higher than images alone.

9. Responsive On All Devices

You should optimize your design for both desktops, iPad, and mobiles.

Currently, customers mainly use their phones to buy goods on the internet. Therefore, optimizing landing pages on all devices is extremely important. 

Customers often leave the page when entering a website with design errors. They feel that your website and products are not professional, so they do not have confidence in your advertisement.

10. Landing Page's Loading Speed

You must remember that you only have the first few seconds to capture your customer’s attention, so what do you think if your website still doesn’t load those first few seconds? Surely customers will leave the page immediately, and you still haven’t had a chance to show them how beautiful your site is and how good the content is.

Therefore, reduce the page load time because the faster the page, the more conversions. There are a few tips to make your site load faster:

– Simple design, less use of motion effects.

– Do not use too many images and videos

– Compress images and videos.

– Use the speedometer pages of the website for optimization.

11. Methods Of Stimulating Customers' Psyche

Scarcity: Limited quantity of products and promotions.

Urgency: Expiry date of promotion or product. You can use a countdown timer.

Note: You should explain why there is scarcity and urgency, or customers will think you are intentionally trying to get them to take action.


– Good feedback from previous customers.

– Notifications about other customers who are placing orders.

– Legal certification.

– Certification of influencers.

– Have clear statistics

12. A/B Testing And Measurement Landing Page

Unless you’re a genius or a veteran, creating a great landing page is impossible for the first time. A beautiful landing page doesn’t mean it will be optimal, and you can’t judge by how you feel.

So you have to check and test whether your landing page is optimized or not. Only generating good conversions is a good landing page.

You test by running a campaign with a low budget and monitoring the reporting metrics. If the results are not good, try fixing a few places. Sometimes simply changing a different headline can completely change the outcome of your campaign.


Now you know the optimal ways to increase the Landing Page’s conversion rate. Hopefully, you will get the most conversions you want.

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