9 Reasons Advertisers Want To Work With Affiliate Network

Nowadays, with the growth of technology and many optimized features, the Affiliate Network handles most of the integration, communication, and platform management. Advertisers can generate revenue without finding partners or other sophisticated advertising solutions. A mutually beneficial relationship leads to value creation. It is no exaggeration to say that partnering with an Affiliate Network is the most effective and cost-effective Marketing tactic available today.

According to statistics, more than 73% of Advertisers worldwide participate in the Affiliate Network, which is still increasing yearly.

So why the Affiliate Network is essential to Advertisers? Let’s see below the benefits that the Affiliate Network can bring to Advertisers:

1. Fierce competition

With the continuous development of e-commerce, customers now mainly only buy goods through the internet. With most Advertisers participating in the Affiliate Network, there is always a great opportunity to compete with competitors in their industry because of the outstanding speed and efficiency that the Affiliate Network brings. 

Meanwhile, some Advertisers still choose to build an internal network, which consumes a lot of time, costs, and resources. But the competition is not high.

Joining an Affiliate Network is a highly effective channel for you to compete with your industry competitors.

2. Affiliate Network provides a built-in platform with many supporting tools

If you’ve previously worked with technology solutions or agencies, you will know the headache of managing multiple invoicing needs, account issues, and reporting metrics. Affiliate Network is an all-in-one solution with centralized billing, account management, and campaign reporting. Using an Affiliate Network is a great way to increase your digital campaigns’ effectiveness and reach without sacrificing service quality.

In addition to the comprehensive reporting of the various Networks, real-time reports are available on NEFLINK’s platform. You can easily monitor and manage your Affiliate’s performance. Combined with stored historical data, you get incredible information and transparency from Affiliates and Affiliate Networks.

3. Connect with thousands of potential partners instantly

The Affiliate Network now delivers your products to thousands of Affiliates without effort, time, or even cost when joining  NEFLINK network.

A reputable partner is essential, as your ads not only directly impact revenue in the short term but can also affect your brand image and reputation in the long term. In particular, Affiliate Networks like NEFLINK implement a strict recruitment process for Affiliates with an acceptance rate of less than 20%. That ensures that your product data and feed processing solutions are reliable.

4. Increase sales and profits for your business

Unlike the internal sales team, the thousands of Affiliates of the Affiliate Network act as a passive sales channel that operates 24/7.

With the proper implementation, joining the Affiliate Network will become one of the most profitable sales channels, bringing outstanding revenue to your business in no time.

5. Cost savings for your business

Cost of building technology software:

You don’t have to outsource or build an expensive in-house platform. The affiliate network will provide you with all the features and tools you need to run your campaign.

Operating cost:

You do not have to hire dozens of personnel to operate the platform or recruit Affiliates.

If you join NEFLINK network, you don’t have to bear any initial or monthly fees.

Advertising costs:

Affiliate Networks prioritize Performance Marketing, a form of advertising that means you only pay when you’ve made a sale. Sales commissions are a highly viable financial situation. Many advertising solutions require online retailers to pay click costs upfront and have no guaranteed return, which can become a problem for many businesses. Fortunately, Performance Marketing is fast becoming the norm, as savvy companies are looking for cost-effective solutions.

Most of the Marketing activities are done by Affiliate Marketers. In other words, the Affiliates themselves bear the bulk of the associated costs. That’s why joining the Affiliate Network is always recommended for businesses on a tight budget.

6. Save your time

How long do you think it will take to recruit hundreds or even thousands of Affiliates if you choose internal recruitment? And yet, you have to have dozens of people to run the platform, recruit, train, etc.

Affiliate networks will help you do it quickly, even in a few days. Your problems Your only problem is to analyze your competitors to come up with an unbeatable price and commission. As Affiliates not only want a high commission, but your product must also be more accessible to convert than your competitors.

7. Affiliate network with professional Account Managers

An account manager is there to help you with any issue, whether it understands the Network, technical matters, or choosing the right Affiliates. Affiliate networks want to see online retailers succeed and are willing to invest the time and effort necessary to do so.

Another benefit of having an Account Manager is that they can refer Affiliates and refer you to them. There are thousands of potential Affiliates for you to promote your product. Choosing the right Affiliate for you is very important, as each Affiliate will have its own way of working that can affect your campaign performance.

8. Increase your brand awareness

Nowadays, most customers are more informed and get higher expectations than ever. They mainly rely on social proof of the brand’s reputation. According to research, almost 85% of consumers read online reviews before making a purchase. Affiliate product or service reviews provide credible social proof to potential buyers.

You can increase your business’ competitive advantage through the indirect influence of Affiliates. Because whether or not the Affiliate’s promotions are successful, their Marketing efforts still positively affect your brand awareness.

In other words, Affiliates use their money and effort to promote your products and company. Without much effort, you have expanded your audience and gained a reputation and trust in customers’ hearts.

9. Promote your product globally

One thing the Affiliate Network offers is its diverse global reach with thousands of Affiliates worldwide. If you can ship your products or offer your services internationally, making that option available to you can lead to revenue explosions by first tapping into untapped markets. It also allows you to test the campaign without affecting your primary needs.

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